Carolyn Cook Takes on Sarah in Time Stands Still

Carolyn Cook returns to Horizon Theatre in Time Stands Still running through October 14th. In this play she takes on the challenging role of photojournalist Sarah.

Horizon patrons might remember you from?

The 13th of Paris, The Clean House, 9 Parts of Desire, The Syringa Tree, Homebody/Kabul, Madame Melville, and Skylight.

What has been your favorite role at Horizon?

The 20 characters I played in The Syringa Tree. It was a fantastic script and wonderful production experience. We created a really moving relationship between the actor and audience, and that is something I really treasure. Continue reading


Robin Bloodworth on Playing James in Time Stands Still

Robin BloodworthRobin Bloodworth appears in his eighth production at Horizon Theatre. In this quick interview, he gives us some insight into his career and character in Time Stands Still.

Horizon patrons might remember you from?

The world premieres of This Passion Thing and The Algae EatersTrue Love Lies, Legacy of Light, The 13th of Paris, End Days, and Voir Dire.

What has been your favorite role at Horizon?

It’s a tie between Chris in This Passion Thing and Arthur in End Days.

Who are you playing in Time Stands Still?

I am playing James Dodd (Jamie), a reporter who has done a lot of stories in war-torn and Middle Eastern countries. He’s thinking about making a change. Continue reading

Ann Marie Gideon Makes Horizon Debut in Time Stands Still

Ann Marie Gideon makes her Horizon Theatre debut in Time Stands Still. Though new to Horizon, Ann Marie should be a familiar face for many Atlanta theatre-goers.

Who are you playing in Time Stands Still?

I play Mandy Bloom, a young energetic 25 year old event planner. She is open, excited about life, and eager to make friends and to please. She is smart and kind with no ill intentions.

What drew you to this role?

I thought it was a fabulous play to begin with. I loved Mandy’s innocence and thought, “I’m nothing like her.” But as I’ve grown into the role, I’ve found I’m more like her, and I want to be like her. Continue reading

Donald Margulies on Time Stands Still

As part of our preparation for TIME STANDS STILL opening September 14, we have been reading interviews with playwright Donald Margulies. Learn more about the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright in excerpts from these interviews.


Like many of your previous plays, your latest work TIME STANDS STILL delves into the complexities of a relationship—and in this case, the couple is a photojournalist and print journalist, in the aftermath of covering the war in Iraq. What was the spark for their story? How did the political backdrop shape the personal story?

I’m leery of plays with political agendas.  My plays always start with the personal. As TIME STANDS STILL took shape, the backdrop of the current world of foreign correspondence provided a rich, high-stakes context for what is essentially a love story. I set out to dramatize the effects of time and circumstances on partnerships built on shared passions. What happens when people who love each other no longer want the same things? I suppose TIME STANDS STILL is as much about marriage as DINNER WITH FRIENDS. Continue reading

man enough

At the Cheshire Bridge Waffle House the legendary “Jamie,” 6’4”, was “hit on” by a male customer in whom “she” was not interested. When the customer called her a bitch she replied, “well I may be a bitch, but I’m still man enough to kick your ass.” She grabbed a knife, leapt over the counter, and chased the man into the parking lot while stunned customers watched.  (True Story)


Sheddin’ Cast and Creative Team

Horizon Theatre has officially announced the cast and creative team for the upcoming world premiere comedy Sheddin‘ by Thomas W. Jones II. Bebop meets hip hop in this follow up to 2009’s A Cool Drink A Water.

An all-star cast led by playwright Thomas W. Jones II as patriarch Walt also features Donna Biscoe as Walt’s wife Ruthie, Enoch King as Walt’s hip hop superstar son Trane, LaParee Young and E. Roger Mitchell as Walt’s backyard buddies, and Francesca McKenzie as Korean pop singer E’Boa. Walt, along with his jazz loving cohorts, has orchestrated a surprise for son Trane, just home from his first international hip hop tour. What Trane expects to be a welcome home party turns into a bid by Walt and his sidekicks to star as Trane’s opening act. The shock of such a proposal is compounded by Walt and Ruthie’s dismay at a little surprise Trane has of his own– a Korean pop fiancé. Sheddin’ is a side-splitting story of family, love, and following your dreams. Continue reading