Fulton County Advocacy Information

Public Hearing

August 21, 2013 at 10 AM
Fulton County Government Assembly Hall
141 Pryor Street, 30303
Please wear green to be easily recognized by the Board of Commissioners.

Please email Patron Relations Manager Manda Wilhite, mwilhite@horizontheatre.com if you plan to attend

Fulton County Commissioners

John Eaves, District 1, Chair

Robb Pitts, District 2

Liz Hausmann, District 3

Tom Lowe, District 4

Emma Darnell, District 5, Vice Chair

Joan Garner, District 6

William Edwards, District 7

Sample Phone Call
Call your Commissioner and simply state that you are very concerned and not in favor of there being any cuts in the Dept. of Arts and Culture. Please your name, organization (if applicable), what neighborhood/part of town you reside in and the economic impact it could have on your area of the County.

Sample Email

Dear Commissioner _______,

Thank you for continuing to invest in Fulton County’s growing creative industry! The bottom line is that the arts create jobs and produce tax revenue. Currently, Fulton County is home to over 4,000 arts related businesses which is the fourth largest number per capita in the United States.* While cutting arts funding won’t eliminate the Fulton County budget gap, it will damage previously funded arts organizations’ ability to provide jobs and goods and services to the community.

The arts are important to me personally and to Fulton County. (It would help enhance the plea by inserting your own personal statement here).

The arts have a huge economic impact on our county, generating over $365 million in revenues in Fulton County last year alone* and over $17 million in local government revenue**. Fulton County’s investment in the arts is an effective means of stimulating business activity, attracting tourism, providing cultural education to our children, stabilizing property values, attracting and retaining young, career-driven, artistic and creative residents and businesses and positively impacting the quality of life for all. I urge you to support the continued funding of the Contracts for Arts Services program which promotes and allows access to the arts to a wide range of citizens while also giving Fulton County a sustainable arts community. It’s not smart to cut the arts!


YOUR NAME (and address if you live in Fulton County)

*Fulton County Arts & Culture – Economic Impact, Atlanta Regional Commission, 2012
**American for the Arts, Arts & Economic Prosperity Calculator

Please copy Patron Relations Manager Manda Wilhite, mwilhite@horizontheatre.com on your emails to the commissioners.


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