NNPN Awards Horizon Commission for Sean Lewis’ A+

NNPN logo

We are excited to announce that the National New Play Network (NNPN) has awarded its 2012 Commission, which carries an award of $10,000, to Horizon Theatre for Sean Lewis’ play A-Plus. A-Plus will be an investigation of the American public education system created from interviews Lewis will conduct in various cities over the next year.

Lewis plans to look at “charter schools and white flight from public schools in the inner city, school busses/voucher systems and how kids get to school and the problems inherent when they can’t, teaching quotas and the good/bad remnants of No Child and standardized testing, classification and assessment in Special Needs and (in a country with less jobs than ever for college grads, let alone high school) a re-investigation of the purpose and need of schools in the first place.” His goal for the final product is to create a “universal look at problems and (hopefully) solutions being engaged at schools across the country.”

Horizon plans to workshop the play during the spring or summer of 2013 and hopefully have it ready for a full production during the 2014 season.


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