man enough

At the Cheshire Bridge Waffle House the legendary “Jamie,” 6’4”, was “hit on” by a male customer in whom “she” was not interested. When the customer called her a bitch she replied, “well I may be a bitch, but I’m still man enough to kick your ass.” She grabbed a knife, leapt over the counter, and chased the man into the parking lot while stunned customers watched.  (True Story)



Sheddin’ Cast and Creative Team

Horizon Theatre has officially announced the cast and creative team for the upcoming world premiere comedy Sheddin‘ by Thomas W. Jones II. Bebop meets hip hop in this follow up to 2009’s A Cool Drink A Water.

An all-star cast led by playwright Thomas W. Jones II as patriarch Walt also features Donna Biscoe as Walt’s wife Ruthie, Enoch King as Walt’s hip hop superstar son Trane, LaParee Young and E. Roger Mitchell as Walt’s backyard buddies, and Francesca McKenzie as Korean pop singer E’Boa. Walt, along with his jazz loving cohorts, has orchestrated a surprise for son Trane, just home from his first international hip hop tour. What Trane expects to be a welcome home party turns into a bid by Walt and his sidekicks to star as Trane’s opening act. The shock of such a proposal is compounded by Walt and Ruthie’s dismay at a little surprise Trane has of his own– a Korean pop fiancé. Sheddin’ is a side-splitting story of family, love, and following your dreams. Continue reading

Mona Lisa

The Mona LisaAt the Cheshire Bridge Waffle House there is a “regular” who calls herself “Mona Lisa.” She is reportedly a former “Madam” who likes to discuss investments with businessmen/customers. Mona Lisa now does massage therapy “outcalls” to hotels. She slipped and fell on a marble floor, but tried to give a massage with 2 broken arms. She appeared the next day at WH with casts on both arms and asked the wait staff to “feed her,” which they did, of course.


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Which Waffle House?

i-85My first Waffle House experience was in my 20’s when I blazed a trail south to start a new life in Hot-lanta. A friend from North Carolina helped me move from New York City. We drove her big ole Cadillac with my belongings in the big ole trunk and back seat, towing my little Honda Civic behind.

I don’t remember why, but something happened that put us in need of AAA service so we decided to stop and eat while waiting for AAA to show up. My friend was surprised when I had suggested the Waffle House because I was a fresh food vegetarian health-nut and she assumed I didn’t eat at chains. Now, I didn’t know it was a chain. I was just thinking cute little southern diner – waffles – yummy. She was thinking bacon grease.

Wrapped up in pure southern ambiance, I delighted in a pecan waffle. My friend scarfed down eggs, bacon and grits, happy not to be eating a salad or the half-dead carrot sticks in my purse. Continue reading