Leading up to and during the run of The Waffle Palace, Horizon is collecting stories about your most memorable Waffle House experiences. Our first story comes from Cindy:

stopsignMy eleven year old son and his friend played soccer for years on the same team. We would often stop at the now (sadly) closed Waffle House on Lawrenceville Highway and I-285 after practice and get dinner. The cook there would sing a little song for us every time. I can still see the faces of those boys when he would start his song. The song appropriately began with “The Waffle House loves you, the Waffle House loves you…”  The song lasted for at least 4 minutes. His name was Doug, but he went by “Stop”.  We always thought it was because everyone wanted him to STOP!

I often wonder what old Stop has been doing since the restaurant closed.  Hopefully, his song goes on!

Would you like to submit your Waffle House story? Email Kristen Gwock Silton, Marketing Manager at


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