4 Days to Raise $4,000

ThermometerHorizon Theatre is fortunate to have hundreds of individuals who donate to the theatre every year. And right now, we need some help from those awesome people (and some people whose awesomeness we have yet to realize). For the month of April we received a $25,000 challenge grant. If we raise $25K AND get 300 new donors by April 30, we get an extra $25K! It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Right now, 4 days from our deadline, we have raised $20,995.71 and have 253 new donors. We are so close. Will you help? Every gift counts. And because of the challenge grant, every gift is really doubled. So double your giving power and help Horizon raise the last $4K!

There are 3 easy ways to donate:

  1. Donate online
  2. Call Jordan Flowers, Development Manager at 404.523.1477 x 114
  3. Mail your check to: Horizon Theatre, P.O. Box 5376, Atlanta, GA 31107


Leading up to and during the run of The Waffle Palace, Horizon is collecting stories about your most memorable Waffle House experiences. Our first story comes from Cindy:

stopsignMy eleven year old son and his friend played soccer for years on the same team. We would often stop at the now (sadly) closed Waffle House on Lawrenceville Highway and I-285 after practice and get dinner. The cook there would sing a little song for us every time. I can still see the faces of those boys when he would start his song. The song appropriately began with “The Waffle House loves you, the Waffle House loves you…”  The song lasted for at least 4 minutes. His name was Doug, but he went by “Stop”.  We always thought it was because everyone wanted him to STOP!

I often wonder what old Stop has been doing since the restaurant closed.  Hopefully, his song goes on!

Would you like to submit your Waffle House story? Email Kristen Gwock Silton, Marketing Manager at marketing@horizontheatre.com.

The Waffle Palace

Eddie Levi Lee and Larry Larson

Eddie Levi Lee and Larry Larson in Horizon’s Charm School

The award-winning playwrighting duo Larry Larson and Eddie Levi Lee return to Horizon Theatre with the world premiere of their new play The Waffle Palace: Smothered, Covered and Scattered 24/7/365. Inspired by real life news stories about Waffle House restaurants, the play follows a Midtown diner owner, his staff, and a hilarious cast of customers as they battle to keep The Waffle Palace open against encroaching real estate developers. The Waffle Palace runs May 11 – June 24, 2012.

The Waffle House is a Southern icon attracting people from all walks of life at all hours of the day and night. Larson says, “Everybody’s got a Waffle House story. The place is a weird magnet. But I look at it as an extended family. A place where everyone is welcome.” Lee adds, “Waffle House is what community is all about – interacting with disparate people, people who aren’t like you.” And the cast of characters in The Waffle Palace represents just that – a drag queen, a suburban couple, a college professor turned garbage man. Though very different, the Waffle Palace regulars form their own sort of community, or as the play emphasizes, a family.

Larson and Lee are known by Atlanta audiences for their unique style of theatre which they call “children’s theatre for adults.” “We try to include a surprise around every corner so you don’t know what’s coming next,” says Larson. The pair has been writing together for nearly 40 years and has several published works. Their most recent Horizon play, Charm School, won the 2007 Gene-Gabriel Moore Playwriting Suzi Bass Award. Lee refers to their writing relationship as “hybrid vigor – the process of crossing two species together so that the offspring [their play] inherits the strongest traits of both parents.” After 22 drafts, their brainchild, The Waffle Palace, had a full reading in front of a packed house at Horizon on March 26. The audience left laughing and craving waffles. After spending more than two years developing the Waffle House themed play Larson says, “my biggest fear along the way was that someone had already written it!” Continue reading