Co-Artistic Director Lisa Adler on Avenue Q

Smart, hilarious, risqué and full of heart, Avenue Q, Broadway’s smash-hit, is the little upstart musical that could.   From a theatre not any bigger than Horizon in NYC, Avenue Q moved to the Broadway stage and upset Wicked to win the Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book in 2004.v  From there, it went on to national and international tours, and a long run in its own theatre in Las Vegas.   Horizon is thrilled to be one of the first theatres in the country to unleash a home team on this Sesame Street meets South Park musical and bring it to you up close and personal in our intimate space.

When I first heard the CD, I knew this was the kind of musical that would be perfect for Horizon.   Horizon looks to connect and inspire our audiences with the best contemporary theatre that is smart, entertaining, provocative and relevant to our lives here in Atlanta today.  Avenue Q is an upbeat musical for grown-ups that uses clever writing, catchy songs, funny videos and puppets to tackle tough subjects like racism, unemployment, homelessness, pornography, love, lust, and following your dreams.  Told through the eyes of a young college grad and his neighbors on Avenue Q, this is the story of finding your purpose and passion in life — and of a diverse community coming together to support each other during tough times.   That resonates more than ever today, whether you are young or old, gay or straight, yellow, red, or blue.

Our home team is led by director Heidi Cline, who has been a vital part of Horizon for over fifteen years, directing numerous productions.  Here she heads up a tour de force for a tight ensemble of artists who act, sing, dance, puppeteer, and play musical instruments.

Whether you got a “BA in English”, a Ph.D. in Physics or a Masters in the School of Life, Avenue Q will give you hope and lift your spirits.   Don’t we all need a little bit of that today?

Lisa Adler, Co-Artistic Director


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