Horizon stages World Premiere of New South Play Festival Night Blooms

Atlanta’s own Margaret Baldwin finds a local home for the World Premiere of Night Blooms at Horizon Theatre.  On a historic night in 1965 Selma two families deal with conflicts and find their differences are not necessarily black and white, Night Blooms, Sept 24 – Oct 24, 2010.

Inspired by Baldwin’s own family history during this historic period in Selma, the playwright began development with a question: “How did people deal with generational conflicts within their own families at a time when massive change and social tensions are suddenly knocking on their front door?”  Baldwin answers this by focusing the play on an “everyday family redefining their relationships on a night of historic change”.  Through Baldwin’s research into that period in Selma’s history, she found that few things are as simple as they might first appear.  “The more you dig into it, the more you see the complexities of the individuals and their relationships with each other.”  Continue reading