Shakin’ the Mess outta Misery

By Erin Greer

“We are the sum-total of our experiences.”—Margo Moorer, Aunt Mae

They say “misery loves company”—but whoever ‘they’ are, it’s obvious that they haven’t met Daughter and her eight Big Mommas, all of whom are currently “Shakin’ the Mess outta Misery” at Horizon Theatre.

On stage through August 22, cast members Amber Iman (Daughter) along with Naomi Lavette, Cynthia D. Barker, Andrea Frye, Tonia Jackson, Margo Moorer, Marguerite Hannah and Danielle Deadwyler (all mamas) give life to Atlanta playwright Shay Youngblood’s tale of the trials and triumphs of black women. The journey is a special one—both in subject matter and in history—as the show is a revival of Horizon’s first world premiere. Continue reading