True Love Lies?

by Erin Greer

When it comes to true love, is honesty really the best policy?

Meet Kane and Carolyn, heads of the ‘typical’ American family in “True Love Lies,” the new comedy from renowned playwright Brad Fraser. By all accounts, this couple has their life in order–nice home, steady income, two kids. Yes, all is well in the Kane/Carolyn household…that is until David, Kane’s former lover, comes to town.

What follows is an emotional, hilarious, raucous romp for a family forced to confront the lies of the past to find truth in the present.

At intervals moving, funny and disturbing, the show tackles the topic of self-discovery, and, as cast members Tracy Vaden Moore and Robin Bloodoworth discovered, self acceptance.

Describing the show as “distinct and sometimes chaotic,” Moore said her character, Kane and Carolyn’s daughter Madison, provides the catalyst for the piece.

“In terms of plot progression, Madison initiates and provokes the families interactions with David. As I learn about Madison I have to be careful to remind myself that she’s not intentionally hurtful, she’s a curious and confused adolescent on the brink of adulthood,” Moore said. “In her life, she has yet to meet the challenges she encounters throughout the script. And her progression and transformation from beginning to end is monumental. Growing up is tough.” Continue reading